Asian University (Dhaka) Fedora 12 Release Party

I was kind of wondering after receiving this call from Asian University, Dhaka (Uttara Campus); they asked for my assistance in arranging their  release party on 25th February, 2010.  I told them it’s been long since Fedora 12 release, arranging a distribution party would be good instead of release party. But, they insisted for a release party; after couple of mail conversation, I recalled Shakespeare quote, “what is in name” and agreed with the naming of the event; told them I will be there with 50 Fedora 12 DVD, Handbills, and stickers. Imtiaz Rahi and Rejaul Islam contacted me and told they will also be present in the event.

On 25th February, Thursday we were there at their university auditorium by 11:00 AM. The vice chancellor of the university welcomed us and inspired the students to use Open Source and specially instructed them to learn how to use Fedora from us.

Imtiaz Rahi gave a talk on fedoraproject, few of the student showed interest to join Fedora art and package maintaining sub-projects and was requested to contact Imtiaz Rahi via email.

Imtiaz Rahi's talk on fedoraproject

I preached the Fedora 12 Features. There were more then 50 students, I gave my DVDs to one of the Faculty member to distribute.

One of our buddy Salahuddin showed how to install Fedora and demonstrated compiling with GCC in Fedora (they asked for it). The university arranged food at the end of the party (and the funny banner of the event:)). It was a nice event.

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