Preparation meeting for Fedora 17 Release Party

Yesterday 10th March me, Imtiaz bhai and Rejaul (all Fedora Ambassadors) met in Helvetia Motijheel for a cup of coffee to discuss and compile a draft plan for the release party.


Waiting for others at Helvetia Motijheel.

I went there just 5 minutes after 4:00 PM, traffic from home to Motijheel was too less due to weekend in the commercial area. I waited 10 minutes and found Imtiaz bhai and rejaul would be late, so I ordered a cappuccino.


(L-R) Imtiaz Bhai, Rejaul and me.

It was a great experience with the fellow ambassadors for the first time planning something together. We discussed, raised, agreed and disagreed various issues for the release party.

At the end we decided to discuss more amongst fedora users and Ambassadors through mailing list. After finalizing we shall publish the plan. If you are interested to discuss and suggest plesae subscribe to Bangladesh Fedora users mailing list, join the Fedora Bangladesh Facebook group here and the Releae Party Event page is here.

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